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Dirtbag Roundup: Credit Card Ring Boss Sentenced to Federal Prison

Baltimore, Maryland – The advent of a massive credit card fraud scheme based in Maryland began with a love affair, according to prosecutors. Instead of sending each other love notes, the pair gained access to an embossing machine and expressed their love for each other by creating counterfeit credit cards which they used to steal over $126,000.

7-Eleven says thank heaven these heathens pleaded guilty; Monte Glascoe & Gary Cordell Howard admit to robbing seven of the firm’s stores

According to their plea agreements, Glascoe and Howard robbed at least seven Baltimore 7-Eleven stores from July 18 to 26, 2013, located at: 3436 Wilkens Avenue; 5512 Park Heights Avenue; 2500 Liberty Heights Avenue; 6700 Brentwood Avenue; 211 West 28th Street; and 3204 Hollins Ferry Road. In each robbery, Glascoe pointed a gun at victim employees. The conspirators stole money from the cash registers and two of the employees, cigarettes and other merchandise, and a cell phone and folding knife belonging to two of the employees.