Southern Md. Police Beat / Combatants stake out jail cells in episode of Whacky Wild Women

CALIFORNIA, MD. – There is nothing like a bunch of stake-wielding women attacking each other in a parking lot to wipe away the cobwebs of early morning coffee and gas customers at the Wawa. Their weapons of choice were wooden stakes, which begs the question, was their intent to drive the stakes into the hearts of their opponents before the sun rose in the east? That really is the best way to kill a vampire.

Southern Md. Police Beat / Heroin Honey Visits Slammer, Wicked Witch of Southampton Used Broom in Attack

SHOPLIFTERS OF ST. MARY’S: hit the road Christina and don’t come back no more!

CALIFORNIA, MD. – On December 10, 2015, at 3:34 pm, Senior Trooper Evans responded to the Walmart in California for a reported theft. The complainant advised that he witnessed the suspect, Christina Marie Butler, 24, of Ridge, walk through the store and hide several items in her clothing