COURT NEWS: What is in the water at the Charles County Courthouse? now Judge Lou Hennessey faces serious charges involving a defendant in jail for domestic abuse

COURT NEWS: Another Charles County Judge Faces Removal: Judge Lou Hennessey says he just has a big heart; charged with advising domestic abuser in repeated jailhouse phone calls What in the world is in the water at the Charles County Courthouse? LAPLATA, MD. – Since 1996, three Charles County Judges have faced removal and either […]

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Why is Republican St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron covering up for crooked cops? Where’s the loot? St. Mary’s Assistant Sheriff gave $80,000 in evidence to his stepson and a pal and was never charged with a crime

Doolan’s pal and his stepson never had to pay any money back to the county for the property that they sold for cash and deputies who wound up with the stolen property at their homes still have it, minus the loot that the State Prosecutor’s investigators were able to recover.

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Two former Sheriffs of St. Mary’s County have died in recent weeks

LEONARDTOWN, MD. – There are now two less St. Mary’s County Maryland Sheriff’s walking the earth.

Sheriff Wayne L. Pettit, who defeated incumbent Sheriff Joe Lee Somerville in the Democratic Primary in 1982 and won reelection twice more in 1986 and 1990 died on Nov. 21, 2014 and Sheriff Ben Burroughs who was elected in 1966 and served one term before being defeated by the late Sheriff Larry Williams in the Democratic Primary in 1970, died on Jan. 2, 2015.

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