Dirtbag Roundup: Ex-con armed robber Jason Armstrong sent to federal prison for ten years in home invasion robbery

Armstrong was very lucky he didn’t pick the wrong house to invade on Teddy Lane, as his innards would have likely been used to decorate a living room wall due to repeated shotgun blasts – if he had picked a nearby home which is the residence of two retired St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Deputies. 

DWI HIT PARADE: FATAL TRIFECTA – St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron says speed and alcohol along with a blown tire at high speed ended lives of Brian Harding and Christopher Goldsmith in a blazing wreck

A fatal crash that took the lives of two men who were in a speeding Volkswagen barreling down Rt. 235 towards Hollywood, is blamed on three factors, a blown tire, alcohol and speed.

Stafford Sheriff Police Beat / Two Calvert County ex-cons didn’t count on a neighbor watching them as they tried to steal a trailer

A guilty plea in Charles County Circuit Court in 2004 resulted in a 15-year suspended sentence which must have rehabilitated him. Remember, voters, this is the Alice in Wonderland Maryland Judiciary System.

MURDER USA: Mark Garner Charged with the Depraved Heroin Murder of Barbara Sneden

Capt. Daniel Alioto, the commander of the Narco Squad of Sheriff Tim Cameron, reports that on August 31, 2016, St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office deputies and detectives from the Criminal Investigation Division responded to the 911 call for a possible overdose at a location in California, Maryland. Barbara Ann Sneden, 31, was found unresponsive and pronounced deceased.

Murder USA: Murder on Lavender Lane; Alan Rangel caught in slaying

MECHANICSVILLE, MD. — Wanted for the murder of Cody Lacey on Lavender Lane in Mechanicsville, Md., early on Saturday morning, Alan Michael Rangel has been wanted on an open warrant since July 3, 2015 for failing to appear in Charles County, Md., District Court to face trial on concealing a deadly weapon and various traffic charges.