A sexual assault was reported to a SMCM staff member on September 3, 2017. The sexual assault was reported to have occurred in a campus residence on September 3, 2017. It is believed that the offender and the victim DO NOT KNOW each other. The suspect is described as a white male, tall, skinny with short dark wavy brown hair. The assault WAS NOT reported to the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Office and therefore IS NOT under police investigation at this time.

HEROIN HIGHWAY TO HELL / So, who’s driving this daggone car with both occupants passed out on drugs?

As the hit parade of pills, pot and hard-core drugs, including heroin, firmly take hold among the dumb and the desperate – intent on one thing – a cheap high, law officers are increasingly finding the near-dead passed out from overdoses in vehicles.

Southern Md. Police Beat / THE SLEEPING PILL-HEAD DRUG DEALER of HUGHESVILLE & the Mysean Chronicles with Nasty Crack in Crack

While transporting Fox, it was revealed by Cameron, without reporting who actually had the disgusting duty of digging into his droopy drawers, that he had allegedly hidden CDS in his underwear. 

DRUG DEALERS GIVE FACEBOOK THUMBS UP St. Mary’s Sheriff Police Beat / Indictments for dealing cocaine in Lancaster Park served on Dayshawn Nolan and Deuan Herndon

Unless a trained and educated eye of a law enforcement officer was used to glean the unique linguistics of the posters, the digital tracks left behind by these felonious Facebook Friends could never be used against them in court.

Governor Hogan joins police and his daughter Assistant States Attorney Jaymi Sterling for announcement of murder and manslaughter charges against alleged drug dealers at fault for six deaths

Fritz’s record on locking up drug dealers is fraught with dropped charges and easy plea deals, and his apparent lock on the prosecutor’s office could be picked clean by Sterling who has inherited her father’s political ability.

Cops looking for convicted gunman who failed to show up for sentencing; Pekka Heinonen got head start to escape prison sentence

Rudolf Carrico Jr, advised the court he spoke with the defendant’s wife on Friday, April 28th at which time he learned the defendant would not appear in court. No notification of this information was provided by Carrico prior to the hearing.