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Prince William Police Beat / Jeffery Parker’s Great Temper Tantrum Lands Him in Hoosegow for Burglary

As the victim and family members held the front door shut, the accused broke a front window then fled the area on foot as police arrived. A police K-9 was used to search for the accused who was located and detained without incident.

Prince William Police Beat / Two gunmen shoot at fleeing robbery victim at Country Inn & Suites

    Two gunmen shoot at fleeing robbery victim at Country Inn & Suites WOODBRIDGE, VA.  – Dirtbag armed robbers now stalk the hallways of local motels looking for victims…

Prince William Police Beat: When words failed to injure; combatants turned to sticks and stones

Cops found alleged car thief hiding under bed; escaped from cruiser winning another day of freedom

WOODBRIDGE, VA. — Houdini Mark Love is his name and escaping from the police is his game. Officers might have a sticky wicket filling out the paperwork on the escape of a handcuffed prisoner from custody as he was deposited in the rear of a police car. Such an arrangement is generally believed, in law enforcement circles, to be what is needed to move a prisoner to jail.

Prince William Police Beat: Richard Stevens wanted for robbing pizza driver; left clues for cops in his hideout

WOODBRIDGE, VA. — With half of America working while the other half lives on welfare, it’s not hard to guess which half Richard Raphael Stevens would be listed. For now, Prince William County Police list him on their wanted list for robbery of a pizza delivery driver – who was working. A police K-9 was used to search for the suspect. The residence of the delivery was later determined to be a vacant home. Property left at the scene led detectives to identify one of the suspects involved in the incident.

Shoe shopping in the hood of Woodbridge led to gunshot wounds and robbery; victim ought to stick to ordering online

The victim reported to detectives that he was in the above area to buy a pair of shoes from a known acquaintance. During the encounter, shots were fired and the victim was struck. The victim also reported that his cell phone was taken during the altercation. No further information was provided about the incident. Detectives have determined that the incident was not random.

Virginia Police Beat: dog sex ring busted; cops seek strangler; plane crash victims ID’d; MS-13 Gangsters charged

At that time, the accused attempted sexual contact with a female dog, identified as a Husky/Lab mix, also owned by the accused. Around the same time, the accused also filmed other acts with animals committed in other jurisdictions and distributed them over the internet from a computer at his home. A search warrant was obtained and executed at the home at that time. As a result of the search, evidence and both dogs were located in the residence. The dogs were seized and examined by a veterinarian

Prince William Police Beat: Cops capture Theresa Elaine Brown after she waltzed out of hospital when left unguarded

The accused was arrested without incident. While in custody, the accused complained of pain and was subsequently transported to Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center, located at 2300 Opitz Blvd, for evaluation. While at the hospital, the suspect accessed a private hallway from her room and was able to escape from the facility.

Prince William Police Beat: Germantown man charged with killing motorcyclist

Richard T. Stewart charged with killing motorcyclist Justin Felch

DUMFRIES, VA. Prince William County Police report that a Germantown, Md., man has been arrested on charges in connection for his killing a Woodbridge man in a crash in December.

On January 6th, the driver of the 2013 Chevrolet Silverado involved in the fatal crash which occurred in the area of Jefferson Davis Hwy and Chesapeake Dr. in Dumfries on December 2nd was charged in connection to the collision.