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Point Lookout Hotel; memories of fun, history and dreams of yesterday are mixed with reports of trash and poor conditions at State Park

In some fairness to the military owners – they did improve the Old Girl while She was under their command. They installed a sprinkler system, put storm windows on each window, erected a helicopter pad behind the swimming pool (something every little hotel needs,) and saw to it that it was kept in as good of shape as possible.

Hola Hombres! This ain’t a free beach for fishing from…freeloaders carted off by cops

ST. GEORGE ISLAND — According to St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron on June 17, 2014 at 12:04 AM, while conducting a premise check, Deputy A. Cole and Deputy L. Johnson located Yoni A Alvarez Granados, 37, of Bryans Road, and Arturo Ernesto Rosa-Lopez, 33, of Woodbridge, Virginia, on the property of Camp Merryelande located in Piney Point, likely to get in some free fishing. The investigation revealed Rosa-Lopez and Granados had walked across another property owned by a citizen to get to the Camp Merryelande property and were fishing when they were found by deputies. “No Trespassing” signs were clearly posted on both properties. Both suspects were charged with Trespass: Private Property by criminal citation.