DWI HIT PARADE: Grandzealous Gray Overzealous for Gray Goose; Fled Crash Scene Like A Yellow Duck

Cambridge was placed under arrest and charged with the following: speeding, possession with the intent to sell heroin, traveling with a loaded stolen gun and all-around failure to do good.

Heroin Highway to Hell: OPIOID EPIDEMIC & FATAL OVERDOSES START WITH PILL MILL DOCS / Dr. William “Skip” Vaughn’s Medical License Yanked Forever; Ran Pill Mill in High Rent Potomac

 From 2010, until he was busted in 2017, the Maryland Board didn’t reveal how many prescriptions he wrote to waitresses and bartenders in Hooters or provided prescriptions to others when he failed to maintain medical records or give proper examinations.  

Calvert Sheriff Police Beat / When packing illegal narcotics, fasten your seatbelt; see celebrity criminals of Calvert on LIVE PD!

Some folks keep their money buried in the backyard as they don’t trust the crooks that run the banks. Some crooks don’t trust leaving their drugs with their thieving families when they have to go to jail, so they take their drugs to jail with them and keep their stash safe by hiding it under the mattress.

Southern Md. Police Beat: Crime Town Waldorf – Sheriff reports 7 criminal incidents while 116 went unreported

WALDORF, MD. — The sense of entitlement and special treatment on the part of the criminal class, shows that crime in Waldorf is a real danger to the public for shopping or simply being in one’s home or vehicle. The criminals and the heathens want your money and want your stuff and they want to sell drugs unrestricted to an entire class of mental midgets who want to buy the drugs.

Southern Md. Police Beat: Woman saved from heroin overdose by Deputy Vincent Pontorno

Southern Md. Police Beat: Woman saved from heroin overdose by Deputy Vincent Pontorno – The Sheriff reports that on April 2, 2015, Deputy Vincent Pontorno responded to a residence on Chancellor’s Run Road after 9 1 1 received a report of an adult female having difficulty breathing.