Murder USA: Baltimore City Shooting and Murder Score Book

Baltimore’s killers are well on their way to setting a record of 300 murders in 2015 as the tally has now reached 281. Since the criminal class has been set loose on the public by the spineless politicians of Baltimore – Mayor Bozo and the Prom Queen Prosecutor – the police have very wisely figured out that they are the targets of those who would shoot them in the back and the politicians who will stab them in the back. Maryland’s liberal politicians are out to disarm all citizens and seize all guns which only leave guns in the hands of criminals.

Murder USA: 200 murders for the year thanks to Mayor Bozo and the Prom Queen Prosecutor leading the rebellion of the Criminal Class!

WBAL Baltimore Baltimore Homicides Reach 200 for the Year So Far ABC News Eight months into the year, Baltimore’s homicide count has hit 200. August’s 11th slaying, the …