THE MAN OF STEALS, NOT STEEL; Crotch Rocket Driver Stole Bike in Fairfax & Crashed in Dover Resulting in Critical Injuries

DOVER, DEL. — The business of stealing rides can be murder when weaving between lanes and attempting to hurdle around and even over moving traffic. Police say that a nutcase operating at a high-rate of speed in one of Dover’s busiest intersections plowed into a small sedan and went flying through the air, but evidently this bozo forgot his cape. As a result of his short flight he suffered massive injuries requiring yet another flight to a trauma unit.

Elderly driver failed to yield and sent two motorcycles flying;

The incident occurred at approximately 8:20 p.m. Tuesday September 23, 2014 as Ravin C. Dean, 24, and Joseph W. Gonce, 25, both of Millington, MD were operating separate Kawasaki sport motorcycles westbound on Millington Road approaching Alley Corner Road. Floyd D. Price, 87 of Smyrna, was operating a 2011 Hyundai Sonata southbound on Alley Corner Road and came to a stop at the posted stop sign prior to Millington Road. Price then entered into the intersection in order to left on Millington Road and pulled into the path of Ravin Dean who was traveling slightly in front of Gonce.