Absentee ballots push up vote totals for GOP in St. Mary’s romp over defeated Democrats — all dead ducks nailed to the wall

Unofficial 2014 Gubernatorial General Election results for St. Mary’s County Last Updated 11/11/2014 09:58:49 PM County Commissioner President (Vote for One) This table may scroll left to right depending on the screen size of your device. Name Party Early Voting Election Day Absentee / Provisional Total Percentage Jack Russell Democratic 2,213 12,095 440 14,748 46.7% […]

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St. Mary’s County released all Social Security numbers for each employee of Sheriff’s Department

Rossignol recently asked the county for salary data of sheriff’s department employees for a story he was working on. He said the county attorney’s office and finance department provided that information, plus the social security numbers of all employees, including deputies, civilians and the sheriff himself.

“These are detectives. These are deputies. These are jail guards,” Rossignol said. “There’s a lot of bad people out there who would love to have this information to hurt these people who actually do a good job for us.”

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Jarboe: Developers win as two GOP commissioners join Democrat in key approval for massive development in North St. Mary’s County

This year, in an unprecedented and politically audacious move, two Republican County Commissioners flip-flopped and voted with Commissioner President Jack Russell to bring Big Brother into the bathrooms of homes and businesses in Charlotte Hall and New Market. Not only did Todd Morgan and Cindy Jones join Jack Russell

to vote against my motion to exclude the Charlotte Hall/New Market public sewer project from MetCom’s capital plan. Commissioner Cindy Jones made the motion to approve the Capital Budget with the 5.4 million dollar project included. Only Commissioner Danny Morris and I remained true to our long standing commitment to protect quality of life and the interests of the majority of working and retired taxpayers.

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Election 2014: Action all in legislative races while St. Mary’s commissioner race will be as exciting as watching grass grow

By Ken Rossignol THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY News analysis and commentary LEONARDTOWN, MD. — A few good knock-down, drag-out political fights are on the marquee for 2014 in St. Mary’s County in a mostly boring line-up; while an old-fashioned slugfest is set for the commissioner’s …races in Calvert and Charles Counties. Starting at the top – […]

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