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MURDER USA / Baltimore Police Officer Shot; Three Dead & Identities for Two in Latest Baltimore Murder Spree

Stevenson was lucky enough to have a plea deal tossed his way by Baltimore States Attorney Marilyn Mosby on May 4, 2011, when Mosby dumped a drug-dealing charge in return for Stevenson pleading guilty to possession and getting one free night’s stay in jail.

MURDER USA Baltimore Killing Fields Update: One down with gunshot wounds on Liberty Heights

Baltimore Police report that a dead body now has a name to write on the toe-tag in the Office of The Chief Medical Examiner. Police say that on November 13, 2017, at about 11:29 a.m., police were dispatched to the rear yard of a vacant dwelling in the 3100 block of Virginia Avenue to investigate the discovery of a dead body.

Murder USA: Baltimore’s body count grows while city population may free-fall due to exodus of taxpayers

Mary Ferguson. “I live in Baltimore. Buying my home in Baltimore City. Still owe a mortgage. I’m planning on leaving. My son lives in Georgia. I have five more years before I retire. There are still good people here. I love this city, but can’t stay here. During all the rioting, I was staying with my daughter in Columbia but I work in the city. I myself had a close call with rioters while I was sitting at a red light. Shame that decent people can’t live in peace.”

Murder USA: When will State Department issue a crime warning for travelers to Baltimore the same as for Mexico and Bahamas?

BALTIMORE, MD. With a soaring homicide rate for 2015 at 38 percent over 2014 thus far this year and murders reaching close to the 100 mark for the year, Baltimore nearly doubled the murder rate for the Bahamas. The U.K. and Canada have both issued violent crime warnings for travelers to the Bahamas. Many cruise ship passengers simply stay on ships that arrive at ports in the Bahamas. Ironically, two ships from Baltimore make regular trips to the Bahamas.

Baltimore County Murder: Michael Jefferson Jr. found full of bullet holes by cops responding to report of gunfire

Police were dispatched to a home in the unit block of Rocky Brook Court, 21244, at 11:55 p.m. Sunday for a report of shots fired. They found Michael Jefferson Jr., of the unit block of Rocky Brook Court, dead in his home of apparent multiple gunshot wounds