MURDER USA Baltimore Homicide and Shooting Update; woman shot in shoulder as bullet zoomed through window; killers only got one of out of three that they nailed on the corner of Death & Slaughter

Baltimore Police say one is dead and two were only winged on the day the Lord may have rested but Baltimore’s thugs are intent on setting a new homicide record as the end of the year is nigh.

Glen Burnie Police Beat: thugs shot at fleeing victim with bullets flying through nearby homes

Investigation revealed that a 27-year-old male visiting family was walking in the 7900 Blk. of Gentle Breeze Court when he was approached on foot by a male who was armed with a handgun. The victim began to flee the area and ran towards Secluded Post Circle while being chased by the armed male. The suspect fired multiple shots at the victim from a semi-automatic handgun.

As a result, a bullet travelled several hundred feet across the street and went through the front window of an occupied residence in the 400 Blk. of Secluded Post Circle. That round eventually lodged into an interior wall in the residence approximately four feet above a sleeping occupant of the home.