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Eastern Shore Police Beat: DUI driver Scott Allen Buchanan rammed Maryland State Police patrol car after chase; two prior DUI convictions lurk over him

Dukes of Hazard Grad Scott Allen Buchanan Fled from Cop before Plunging into Ditch

Rammed police car and arrested for DUI and slew of Traffic Charges; not his first rodeo – busted for DUI in 2009, 2001

OCEAN PINES, MD. — Scott Allen Buchanan was out for a party time on Rt. 90 and St. Martins Neck Road at 3:12 am on Dec. 16th when Maryland State Trooper Gallagher attempted to stop him for speeding by activating his lights and siren. Instead of stopping, Buchanan figured it was time to haul butt and put the pedal to the metal.

Southern Md. Police Beat: Mandy handy with her fist; smacked a guy and made him cry; pill-popping Mama had baby in car while DUI

A Kinder Gentler Kind of Drug & DUI Arrest: impaired mama had kid in back seat

GREAT MILLS, MD. — On Friday, December 19, 2014 at 7:33 pm, Tpr. A. Oyler initiated a traffic stop on a gold passenger car on Route 237 at Horse Head Road for a minor traffic infraction. Upon making contact with the driver, Amanda L. Kinder, 30, of Great Mills, Tpr. Oyler observed that she appeared to be under the influence. Tpr. Oyler also observed a juvenile, 9 months, in the backseat. Ms. Kinder performed Standardized Field Sobriety Testing and was subsequently placed under arrest for Driving While Impaired by Drugs or Alcohol. A search incident to arrest produced suspected CDS, and Ms. Kinder admitted to having taken Suboxone and Xanax prior to driving

Southern Md. Police Beat: DUI driver Douglas Scott Berkshire underwater too; dunked his BMW in river

HOLLYWOOD, MD. St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron reports that a Texas man with a pricey hot rod took a cold dip into the Patuxent River on Christmas Day.

There were no known baptismal ceremonies taking place on that holy day.

Deputies responded to the end of Clark’s Landing Road for the report of a vehicle in the river.

The investigation revealed, Douglas Scott Berkshire, 38, of Austin, Texas, drove a 2011 BMW 335I, 300-400 feet off of the roadway into the water. He was subsequently arrested and charged with Driving under the Influence.

Eastern Shore Police Beat – BREAKING BAD AT THE BEACH: fun bunch meet the O. C. cops = free hotel

Resist/interfere With Arrest

Woods, Christian Kurosh (B /M/25) Arrest on chrg of Resist/interfere With Arrest, M (M), at 10 Block/13th St, Ocean City, MD, on 5/25/2014. Officer D. F. McBride

Poss Marijuana<10 Grams…

Mundorf, Barron Patrick (W /M/21) Arrest on chrg of Poss Marijuana<10 Grams, M (M), at 112 28th St/Philadelphia Ave, Ocean City, MD, on 5/25/2014. Officer A. H. Morgan

Cds: possess-not Marihua…

Kwamir Jamir Mims, (B /M/23) Arrest on chrg of Cds:possess-not Marihuana, M (M), at 38th St/Atlantic Ave, Ocean City, MD, on 5/25/2014. Officer J. R. Hoban


Jeremy Alan Zimmerli, (W /M/31) Arrest on chrg of (driving, Attempting To Drive) Veh. While Under The Influence (M), at 68th St, Ocean City, MD, on 5/25/2014. Officer N. P. Kutz
Breaking Bad

DUI District firefighter got pole-in-one with SUV; works at protecting Prez chopper landings at White House

According to the crash report, Siegel told police: “A person he knows as Andrew was operating the vehicle at the time of the accident, and fled the scene on foot.”
He added, “Officer, I’m not trying to get a DWI arrest, take me to the firehouse and let me sleep it off, and I’ll come back later and deal with this.”

Sheriff short on details of armed home invasions in Lexington Park

LEXINGTON PARK, MD. — St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron, who has provided effective law enforcement for years, apparently must have his reasons to keep this crime secret. This is his…