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Charles County Sheriff Police Beat: Wanna be cop Tyler Lee Cole tracked down and busted for impersonating an officer

The suspect exited his car, identified himself as an officer and said that he stopped the driver for not using his turn signal. The victim questioned the suspect about his credentials –the suspect was wearing a jacket that said security – and the suspect ran back to his car and fled. The motorist was able to provide a tag number of the suspect’s vehicle

Southern Md. Police Beat: Crime Town Waldorf – Sheriff reports 7 criminal incidents while 116 went unreported

WALDORF, MD. — The sense of entitlement and special treatment on the part of the criminal class, shows that crime in Waldorf is a real danger to the public for shopping or simply being in one’s home or vehicle. The criminals and the heathens want your money and want your stuff and they want to sell drugs unrestricted to an entire class of mental midgets who want to buy the drugs.

Southern Md. Police Beat: Did the ghost of Orson Welles stick up Waldorf bank?

WALDORF, MD. — A drama queen held up the Sun Trust Bank and he was either decked out for his debut at the National Theater in Washington in the off-Broadway revival of Citizen Kane or he was a toothless cross-dressed transgendered undocumented immigrant who recently underwent cataract surgery looking for a few bucks at the point of a gun.