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Southern Md. Police Beat: TEN YEAR SENTENCE /Cops say drug dealer suspect “Big Man” kept good records of his sales; also has a record of leniency by prosecutors

LEONARDTOWN, MD. – It pays to keep track of which cokeheads owe money, who bought heroin last month, which pill poppers are the most dependable pill heads and to list suppliers who always give an annual calendar to their best customers.

According to Capt. Daniel Alioto, the commander of the Vice Narcotics Division of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department, the records kept by James W. Hughes, 26, of 46183 Unit B Drayden Road, in Drayden, Md., documented his activity in a drug ledger.

MURDER USA: Mark Garner Charged with the Depraved Heroin Murder of Barbara Sneden

Capt. Daniel Alioto, the commander of the Narco Squad of Sheriff Tim Cameron, reports that on August 31, 2016, St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office deputies and detectives from the Criminal Investigation Division responded to the 911 call for a possible overdose at a location in California, Maryland. Barbara Ann Sneden, 31, was found unresponsive and pronounced deceased.

So. Md. Police Beat: Purple Drank Charges for Christopher Smith; 3 others indicted; charges dumped by PG Prosecutor Angela Alsobrooks

LEONARDTOWN, MD. — Christopher Andrew Smith, 25, of Laurel, was on his way out of a St. Mary’s County drugstore with some Purple Drank when narco cops pounced on him, reports St. Mary’s Vice and Narco Commander Capt. Daniel Alioto. Alioto reports that Detectives continue to investigate prescription fraud incidents involving a group of individuals attempting to obtain “Promethazine-Codeine” known on the street as “Purple Drank”. A series of arrests involving the popular narcotics have been made in the past year.

Cops bust Brass Rail Owner Dickie Gatton and machine operator for illegal slot machines; Lions & Moose need to be tamed and caged

Roger Benfield was charged with one count of having an interest in a gaming table, one count of keeping a gaming table at the Brass Rail Sports Bar, and one count of perpetrating a theft scheme having a value more than $100,000.00. Charles “Dickie” Gatton was charged with one count of having an interest in a gaming table, one count of permitting a gaming table to be kept at the Brass Rail, and one count of perpetrating a theft scheme having a value between $10,000.00 and $100,000.00. Hilda Mae Gatton was charged with one count of having an interest in a gaming table and one count of perpetrating a theft scheme having a value between $10,000.00 and $100,000.00.

Illegal immigrant living in Frederick charged with solicting child sex online from St. Mary’s cop

In May of 2014, a detective from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office, Vice/Narcotics Division, was contacted by Hermegildo Escamilla-Granados (Age 30 from Frederick, MD) after posting a non-sexual advertisement on a classified-based website commonly viewed by sexual offenders. The undercover officer, who posed as a 16 year old female, exchanged numerous emails with Escamilla-Granados for several weeks.

During the course of the email exchanges, Escamilla-Granados solicited the undercover officer to engage in sexual intercourse for U.S. currency, requested the undercover officer send him nude photographs, and sent a photograph of his genitalia to the officer.

Narco squad and postal inspectors snare alleged pot & schroom importer Jason Andrew Junge

According to St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Capt. Daniel Alioto, Vice/Narcotics detectives, working with Inspectors from the United States Postal Inspection Service, identified a possible package arriving in St. Mary’s County from the State of California containing a large quantity of marijuana.

A Hollywood, Maryland residence was identified as the destination and Jason Andrew Junge, 25, was identified as the target to which the drugs were sent.

Strickly Oxy Strickland Takes His Pickup with Him to Slammer

GREAT MILLS — Capt. Daniel Alioto of the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Department, reports that Vice/Narcotics detectives began an investigation into the allegation that Donald Sheldon Strickland, 34, of Great Mill,…

Drug Indictment Not His First Rodeo

LOVEVILLE — St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Narco Commander Capt. Daniel Alioto reports that local druggies may soon have one less dealer to buy from. Police report that Antione Markel Yates, 24,…