Boating rescues in Chesapeake & Potomac over holidays: two saved, one still missing

SANDY POINT, MD. — A holiday turned into one of misery and mystery when a man fell from his sailboat near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on New Year’s Eve; the week before, two men fishing in the Potomac were lucky to be found after their boat sunk.

Boaters hit bridge at night on ‘Maxx’d Out’ as safe boating week gets underway

Boating at night is fraught with risk for those uneducated on navigation and safe boating practices. The Anne Arundel County Fire Department reports on two hapless souls who were out for a ride on the water and returning at night-time managed to hit a bridge and rip off the top of their speedboat.

Annapolis mansion fire that killed six laid to two-month old Christmas tree; 911 calls released

The investigation team has determined the area where the fire started was in the “Great Room” of the home. This is a large room that has ceilings approximately 19 feet tall. Sleeping and living areas of the home are connected to the great room. Within the great room were the normal expected furnishings in addition to a large Christmas tree approximately 15 feet tall.

The investigation team has concluded that an electrical failure ignited combustible material in the area which quickly spread to the Christmas tree and furnishings.

It has been reported that the Christmas tree had been cut down more than sixty days prior to the fire. After a tree is cut, it begins to dry. How quickly it dries depends on the type of tree, how it was cut and how often it is watered while on display.

The Mad Bomb Maker of Glen Burnie’s accidental blowup revealed his mission; Judge sends Todd Wheeler to slammer

The next day, ATF agents interviewed Wheeler, who remained in custody at the hospital. Wheeler advised agents that he was injured when he mixed chemicals and they exploded. He also told the agents that he had previously made explosive devices and detonated them in his yard. A search warrant was executed at Wheeler’s residence in Glen Burnie by Anne Arundel County Police. Over the next two days law enforcement recovered, among other things: several improvised explosive devices, as well as the chemicals and explosive materials used to make them; drugs and drug paraphernalia; a Walther pistol, flare gun and signal flare launcher, along with a conversion kit to allow the launcher to shoot 12 gauge shot gun shells; and 12 gauge shot gun shells.

Brian Gore of Washington D.C. died in booze cruise in Friendship

Friendship, Md. (Sept. 9, 2014) Anne Arundel County Police report that a crash of a sedan took the life of Brian Gore, 33, of Delaware Ave. SW, Washington, D.C., and contributing factors in the crash were alcohol use and speed on the part of the operator.

Police say that on September 6, 2014, at approximately 19:16 hours, officers from the Traffic Safety Section responded to Friendship Rd near Boyds Turn Rd in Friendship for a report of a single vehicle crash.

Brooklyn Park: Arrest of Xavien Neal Pinkney made in attempted murder & arson; man burned in fire rushed to nearby store

When the going gets tough the tough go shopping. That old axiom may not have applied to this story, but it is rare that a burn victim is transported anywhere prior to the arrival of fire and rescue personnel.

Anne Arundel Fire Department Lt. Russ Davies reports that a 22-year-old male has been transported to the John Hopkins Burn Center following a single alarm dwelling fire in Brooklyn Park this morning. Just after 6:30 units were dispatched for smoke from a dwelling in the unit block of Ballman Court