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District: snitty Post manager chastises staff for leaking news about health closure of newspaper’s cafeteria with rodent infestation

After the employee cafeteria at the Washington Post’s office downtown was closed by health inspectors yesterday, Washington City Paper and Jim Romenesko reported on a memo that Jeff Cox, the paper’s director of operations and administrative services, sent the staff. That didn’t sit so well with Post editorial writer Charles Lane, who just sent an email to newsroom staffers about the publication of Cox’s memo:

The future for Waldorf Mall? Creepy photos of abandoned shopping malls highlight crumbling communities of the Rust Belt

A photographer from Cleveland, who goes by the nom de plume Seph Lawless, spent the early months of 2014 sneaking into deserted shopping centers for his latest project. He focused on malls to tap into a fundamental piece of the American experience in the late 20th century.

Titanic 1912: the original news stories of the disaster

Just three months and a single day were all that separated the tragedy of the magnificent liner RMS Titanic in 1912 and that of a modern ship, the Costa Concordia, one hundred years later.
In both cases, the “press” as it used to be called, and the “media” as it is now commonly referred to describe the various electronic and print sources of news coverage; played an important role in the tragedies.

PG cops gun suspect Antoine Petty will be hard to miss

Our detectives would like your help in finding this unique looking suspect. He’s wanted for stealing a gun from an acquaintance in Largo on April 7, 2014

Muskrat Season Over; Get Your Stew Ready – great recipes!


Remove glands and as much fat as you can from raccoon. Parboil until done, skimming fat off water as it rises to the top. Remove raccoon and let cool. De-bone meat and hold aside.

Add carrots, potatoes, celery, mixed vegetables and canned tomatoes to the pot. Add meat to pot. Add seasonings. Keep at a low simmer until ready to serve. For a thicker stew, add flour mix with cold water before serving, stir until thickened.

From book signings at the Lexington Park library to the owner’s suite at Camden Yards

NEW YORK WJLA – In 1985, a year after the Cold War thriller “The Hunt for Red October” came out, Tom Clancy was invited to lunch at the White House,…

Battle of Solomon’s Island

Do you know your history? How well? After the British burned Washington’s notable public buildings and before the British fleet arrived in Baltimore Harbor, what happened as they sailed down…


Welcome Aboard Titanic II, Blue Star Line Chairman Clive Palmer recently announced that Blue Star Line in conjunction with German hydrodynamic service and consulting group the Hamburg Ship Model Basin…