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Metro Area Police Beat: Bozo Brothers & Sis sentenced to slammer for bank robbery; they dropped the loot on the way out the door!

Four bozos made robbery a family affair; dropped the loot on the way out

Crimes Took Place within 36-Hour Period in May 2014

WASHINGTON— A family of four from the crime-infested District of Columbia found robbery kept their family ties strong and profitable.

According to the FBI, the four, three brothers and their criminal sis, are now going to do time in a federal prison together, as a result of their crime spree.

Three brothers and their sister, all from Washington, D.C., were sentenced on Jan. 6, 2015 to prison terms for a pair of robberies that took place within a thirty-six-hour period of a convenience store in Montgomery County, Md., and a bank in the District of Columbia.

Two hit by trains that jumped off the tracks and chased them through towns; one dead man identified as William Alexander Buendia Rodriguez

GERMANTOWN, MD. — Someone should tell their children not to play on the railroad tracks, or as in the case of one silly reporter with NBC 4 in Washington wondered, perhaps fences need to be erected along the tracks to keep people from wandering in front of trains. Of course, to protect the terminally stupid, the government could build fences along all rivers, streams, highways and rooftops.

Prince William Police Beat: Jose had all the wrong moves when busted for DUI; smacked cop

The employee followed the woman outside to the parking lot area of the store, at which time he identified himself as a loss prevention employee and requested that the accused return to the store. The woman followed the employee to the doorway of the store at which point she removed a can of pepper spray from the jacket she was wearing and sprayed the employee in the face. After spraying the employee, the woman fled from the area on foot. The employee was able to retrieve the items from the employee prior to her departure from the store. During the investigation, officers obtained video surveillance that led to the identity of the accused. No injuries were reported. Darnesha Michelle White, of 2714 Shipley Terrace, SE, Washington, D.C. was identified as the suspect and is on the lam.


Funeral Party Decided to Fight It Out at the Graveyard; Nearly Gave the Deceased Some Company as Metal Pipes and Baseball Bats Were Employed

Drayden, Maryland – St. Mary’s Sheriff Tim Cameron reports on a really fun funeral that got to be such a hoot, that the party-goers left the funeral reception and went back to the graveyard to bury the hatchet – in each other’s sculls.

Prince Georges Police Beat: NEWS FLASH! Stealing stuff from stores can result in Police nabbing dirtbags!

While District III officers were patrolling the Capitol Heights area they stopped two people with multiple bottles of alcoholic beverages, assorted snacks and toiletries. The officers discovered that these items had been stolen from a nearby business. Both people were arrested.

Trent Talley stole med transport vehicle, fled from police in three states before being deflated at McHenry tunnel

Trent Talley stole med transport vehicle, fled from police in three states before being deflated at McHenry tunnel – According to Westampton Township Police in New Jersey, on 12/11/2014 at 1448 hrs, The Westampton Twp Police were dispatched to 770 Woodlane Rd, Twin Oaks for the report of a motor vehicle theft that had just occurred. The suspect later identified as Trent S. Talley, 29, of Cinnaminson, approached a medical transport vehicle that was on location and threatened the vehicles driver by stating “Do you want to die today?”.

Mr. Talley then forcibly entered the vehicle and left location, traveling through the townships of Westampton, Burlington , Florence and Bordentown via Route 295 North . Mr. Talley eventually got back onto the NJTP in Florence and fled from the New Jersey State Police after being given the signal to stop. Mr. Talley continued to elude the New Jersey State Police on the New Jersey Turnpike south bound into Delaware

21st Century Underground Railroad: hookers owned by black slave owners forced to work from Princess Anne north to Delaware and Pennsylvania

One of the victims was physically beaten by Anthony on November 30 prior to being brought to Maryland from Delaware. During the beating, Anthony threatened to kill her if she tried to leave. Fearing for their lives, both remained.

Anthony and Tatem transported the women to Maryland and checked them in to a Somerset County hotel. While traveling, one of the women was able to send a message to a family member alerting them to her situation. The family member immediately alerted police.

Bandits with Black Masks and all other Robbery Apparel Also Black were Wearing Blue Jeans – Even their Gun Was Black!

Davidsonville, Md. — Anne Arundel County Police report that on 11-26-14 at approximately 8 pm, Officers from Southern District responded to 801 West Central Ave, Davidsonville MD, the Davidsonville market….

So. Md. Police Beat: Black Friday Road Rage Leaves David Thomas Bever in Trauma Unit and Robert Lee Robinson in Slammer

Robinson was arrested and charged with Assault First Degree, Assault Second Degree, and Disorderly Conduct. He was transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention Center pending a bond review with the District Court Commissioner. Mr. Bever is currently at Prince George’s Shock Trauma in critical condition

So. Maryland Police Beat: Super Weed in Room 120 of Super 8; Ernie Williams packing pills and DUI arrests

PRINCE FREDERICK — When staying in a cheap motel, pot-heads might want to consider that the inexpensive construction of the building will allow the aroma of their high-dollar weed to weep out into the hallway. But then, they are likely devoid of all good judgment anyway. Maryland State Police report that on 11/18/14 at 5:37 pm, Trooper First Class Casarella responded to the Super 8 Motel in Prince Frederick for a possible CDS activity complaint. The odor of burnt marijuana was emitting in the hallway on the first floor. It was strongest outside Room 120. The occupants, Bentley M. Hutchison, 22 of Front Royal, VA, and Robert F. March, 40 of Manassas, VA, were issued Civil Citations for Possession of Marijuana Less than 10 grams.