DWI HIT PARADE / DUI arrests by St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Patrol Officers for Dec. 9, 2016

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DWI HIT PARADE / DUI arrests by St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Patrol Officers

11-18-16 – Floyd William Downs, age 21, of Lexington Park, by Corporal B. Foor.

Former attorney charged with DUI

John Douglas Lawrence Jr., arrested for DUI by St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Deputy Lacey Johnson on Nov. 24, 2016, at 12:29 am while operating a 1998 Jeep on Rt. 5 at Park Hall Road.  The trial date of Jan. 19, 2017 is set in St. Mary’s Count District Court. Lawrence is represented by Prince Frederick attorney Mark W. Carmean.

11-8-16 – James Richard Nelson Jr, age 35, of Cheltenham, by Corporal B. Foor

Criminal & DUI Defense

Bryan Chapman 11-19-16 – Bryan Theodore Chapman, age 41, of Waldorf, by Deputy First Class B. Gaskill

Richard Harris 11-10-16 – Richard Eugene Harris, age 60, of Keene, Texas, by Deputy B. Fennessey

Heather Garner 11-8-16 – Heather Marie Garner, age 28, of Hollywood, by Deputy C. Ball

Joseph Stewart, Jr. 11-5-16 – Joseph Axzavis Stewart Jr, age 37, of Lexington Park, by Deputy D. Potter

Wyman Jones 11-2-2016 – Wyman Ewing Jones, age 26, of Patuxent River, by Deputy First Class J. Maguire

Michael Austin Mattingly DUI arrest after striking Cpl. Shaun Carberry at Chaptico, Md.

Latesha Thompson 11-2-2016 – Latesha Michelle Thompson, age 26, of Mechanicsville, by Deputy A. Budd

Ronald Pinkney 11-2-2016 – Ronald Phillip Pinkney, age 59, of Prince Frederick, by Deputy A. Shelko

James Patrick Yates 11-1-2016 – James Patrick Yates, age 54, of Leonardtown, by Deputy First Class C. Beyer

Bayron Ruiz Rivas 11-24-16 – Bayron Benjamin Ruiz Rivas, age 25, of Leonardtown, by Deputy J. Bush

Ryan Patrick Mirfield 11-23-16 – Ryan Patrick Mirfield, age 36, of Great Mills, by Corporal J. Stone

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