DWI Hit Parade: Ben Warring found a pump to pee in; busted for DUI – a second time

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DWI Hit Parade: Ben Warring found a pump to pee in; busted for DUI – a second time

MECHANICSVILLE, MD.  – St. Mary’s County Sheriff Tim Cameron reports a prior offender DUI driver was busted once again even though he got easy treatment for his first offence.  Maybe now with the new ignition interlock law, if he gets jail time for this arrest, he will have to install the device to make sure he has no booze on his breath in order to drive.

Benjamin Daniel Warring DUI St. Mary's Sheriff Md. 041716

Benjamin Daniel Warring DUI St. Mary’s Sheriff Md. 041716

The Sheriff reports that on April 17, 2016, a lookout was broadcast for a possible drunk driver heading southbound on Three Notch Road in the area of Oaks Road.

The witness advised the 911 center that the operator of the suspect vehicle stumbled out of the motor vehicle at the gas pumps of a store and urinated. 

Apparently he didn’t reel in his hose fast enough as the law tagged him for exposing his shortcomings.

Sheriff’s Cpl. Elizabeth O’ Connor made contact with the operator of the vehicle, who appeared to be under the influence of suspected alcohol and administered field sobriety tests.

 The suspect, identified by Sheriff Cameron as Benjamin Daniel Warring, 22, of 40395 Duke Road, Mechanicsville, was placed under arrest and charged with Indecent Exposure and Driving While Intoxicated.

Warring was arrested for DUI by Maryland State Trooper Ditoto on July 8, 2012, as he operated a 2001 Chevy on Mechanicsville Road at Old Village Road in Mechanicsville. In a plea deal with St. Mary’s States Attorney Richard Fritz in St. Mary’s District Court Warring was given Probation before Judgement with a fine of $185.00 and ten days in jail with all ten days suspended.

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