Video of raid that snared El Chapo

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From The Washington Post

MEXICO CITY — Before dawn on Friday, an elite unit of Mexican marines raided a white house along a residential street in the Mexican coastal town of Los Mochis, in pursuit of their most-wanted target: drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.

When they entered, the video shows, they encountered several of Guzmán’s henchmen, and a gun battle ensued. The video first appeared on Univision and was subsequently obtained by The Washington Post.

The video shows a portion of the gunfight in which marines appear to be firing through a barred window and an open door. After the initial burst, one marine can be heard saying: “We have an injury. We have an injury. Wait. Wait. Wait.”

Grenades tossed inside explode. Later, one marine instructs his comrades to look for the stairs, and they head upstairs. What appears to be a suspect is held on the ground in a bedroom. Another body is slumped in a bathroom.

Mexican authorities said five of Guzmán’s men were killed and six were arrested in the operation. ...MORE

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