She Took Out a Violin in a Crowded Train Station, But It Was What No One Saw That Stood Out

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A pretty girl with blue hair and a true gift for music serenaded a crowded train station with a violin rendition of “Hallelujah,” but no one seemed to notice.

Even more important was the tiny Christmas scene at her feet, which also went unnoticed.

The violinist, Lindsey Stirling, was once passed over on “America’s Got Talent.” She added a brief commentary to the end of the video:

“Making this video was a humbling experience because it reminded me of a time when I honestly couldn’t see the beauty in me. And maybe that’s something that you relate to. You feel like no one can see the beauty in you…

But there is one person, that I have learned, who always sees the beauty in us. And that’s our Savior, Jesus Christ.”

After failing to land a recording contract, she began producing her own videos and putting them on YouTube. Forbes featured her in a recent article entitled “The World’s Highest Paid YouTube Stars of 2015.”

The violinist, Lindsey Stirling

O Come, Emmanuel – Lindsey Stirling & Kuha’o Case

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