Commentary by Deforest Rathbone



Today, virtually everyone knows a horror story of someone among their extended family, neighbors or friends who is suffering extreme damage from drug addiction, disability or overdose death from the massive prevalence of illegal drugs throughout America.  Here’s why.

     Although the Magna Carta restrained the tyranny of the English King 800 years ago, and although our U.S. Declaration of Independence rejected the tyranny of the English Monarch nearly 250 years ago, the freedoms Americans enjoyed for centuries after those historic declarations, have now been systematically eliminated by an even more pervasive tyrant: the American Judiciary.  Currently, virtually every element of civil life has been brought under their absolute authority as enabled by power and–money-corrupted Congresses and Administrations.  Thus, today betrayed citizens are suffering from massive crime, violence and terror prevailing throughout America as a direct result of that Judicial Tyranny.

     A primary example is in the Judiciary’s reversal of centuries of Constitutional rights of schools to act with the authority of parents (in loco parentis) in managing schoolchildren under their custody.  During the centuries before the 1969 Supreme Court decision that unilaterally abolished that right, teachers could turn a kid’s pockets inside out to see if he had anything like a slingshot, firecracker or frog that could disrupt the school.  Under that shared parental right, schools were safe and peaceful.  But almost from the instant the Supreme Court abolished that Constitutional Right, drugs and alcohol began flooding the schools bewildering teachers and parents and endangering schoolchildren everywhere throughout the entire nation.

     From almost negligible rates of drug and alcohol use among schoolchildren prior to 1969, rates have soared to about one-third of kids admitting in student surveys to recent (past thirty days) use of drugs or alcohol.  This has caused massive failure of the nation’s education system leaving students far behind their foreign peers; and massive increases in youth addiction, violence, disabilities, and OD deaths currently running about 4,000 EVERY MONTH and climbing!  This devastation of kids and families throughout America today is a direct result of the Judiciary’s tyrannical abolishment of that basic Constitutional Right of in loco parentis.

      Another primary example of Judicial Tyranny is in their reversal of the specific Constitutional Guarantee of the Citizens’ Right to Practice Religion.  They did this by unilaterally adding the Satanic Exception to the First Amendment provision that “Congress shall make no law…prohibiting the free exercise of religion” to now read, “EXCEPT ON GOVERNMENT PROPERTY.”  That virtual abolishment of the citizens’ Constitutional Right to practice religion free from tyrannical restrictions by jackboot government, has severely undermined the natural social peace from religious presences as have been demonstrated throughout civilized history.  That former long-term Constitutional Right is now being denied to American citizens in their schoolhouses and courthouses.  And violence and crime are now rampant everywhere thanks to Judicial Tyranny and the blind-eyed politicians who tolerate it, enable it and profit from it!

     Presidential candidates should be made to state how they propose to restore those basic Constitutional Rights that have been brutally stripped from the Citizens.  Some may suggest a new Constitutional Convention.  But considering the seriousness of such Tyranny and the urgency of its horrific impact on this nation and its Citizens, maybe some will suggest that it’s time to get the Guillotine back out of mothballs. 


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