Metro Transit Police announce arrest of Daniel Alan Groseclose for copper theft

Coppers cop copper copperMetro Transit Police announce arrest of contractor for copper theft

ANNAPOLIS, MD.  On Friday, January 30, 2015, the Anne Arundel County Police arrested a Maryland man, reports the Metro Transit Police.

The Metro Police announced the arrest of Daniel Alan GROSECLOSE, 42, of Edgewater, Md., on grand larceny charges following an investigation into theft of copper from a Rosslyn construction site. It is alleged that on at least two occasions last fall, Groseclose stole sections of copper wire and tubing from the site.

GROSECLOSE worked as an employee for KONE, which is responsible for maintenance of selected escalators and elevators on the Metrorail system. The copper was owned by M.C. Dean, Inc.

KONE was cooperative with the investigation, and has advised Metro that they have since dismissed GROSECLOSE as an employee.

GROSECLOSE was arrested by Anne Arundel County Police on MTPD’s arrest warrant in Virginia. He is expected to face two counts of grand larceny once extradited to Arlington County.

Groseclose entered a guilty plea in Anne Arundel County District Court on March 3, 2011 to uttering a bad check in which a theft charge was dropped by the Anne Arundel County States Attorney.  He was ordered to pay restitution of $684.00 and put on probation for one year.

On Sept. 14, 2014 28 counts of failing to send his child to school were put on the Stet Docket by the Anne Arundel County States Attorney.

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