Murder USA: Woman lingers near death after being shot by suspect Jack Braboy who hopes that once again his lawyer will ‘get him off’

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Jack Braboy charged attempted murder on ChristmasBy Ken Rossignol


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Woman lingers near death after gunshot to her head for Christmas present allegedly from Jack Braboy

SALISBURY, MD. — Evidently, Jack Braboy didn’t get the memo that black lives matter. To celebrate Christmas, he allegedly tried to kill a black female with a blast from his gun to the head. Police say he then fled. Wicomico Sheriff Mike Lewis reports that Wicomico County deputies tracked him and jailed him on charges of attempted first and second degree murder; assault; using a firearm in the commission of a crime and reckless endangerment.

The Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office responded to 1211 Kiowa Avenue in the City of Salisbury, Wicomico County, Maryland in reference to a victim of a gunshot wound. Upon arrival deputies made contact with a black female victim whom had had suffered from a gunshot wound to the head. The victim was transported to PRMC. Investigators with the Wicomico County Bureau of Investigations responded and interviewed witnesses who identified, Jack Braboy black male, 24, as the shooter.

Maryland Court records show that Braboy is a resident of the address where the shooting took place.

Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office deputies and Maryland State Police troopers searched the area for the Braboy and were able to apprehend Braboy in the area of Delaware Avenue a short time later. Braboy was released to the Wicomico County Detention Center.

The victim is currently in critical condition and police say that charges of attempted murder and assault were filed against Braboy.

If anyone has information, please contact: Detective Wilson at the Wicomico Bureau of Investigation. 410-548-4898.

On April 20, 2010, Jack Braboy was charged with possession of marijuana. On Jan. 24, 2012, he entered into a plea deal with Wicomico States Attorney and his public defender, paid for by the taxpayers. Braboy was awarded a fine of $250 and no jail time.

On Nov. 12, 2013, Braboy was charged with trespassing and malicious destruction of property. On Feb. 27, 2014, he was able to strike a deal with the Wicomico States Attorney and once again avoided jail but fined $500 when he entered a guilty plea to trespassing.

On May 13, 2011 Braboy was charged with multiple drug violations by Wicomico Sheriff’s Deputy John Alessandrini, Maryland State Trooper Kenneth Moore and Wicomico Deputy Tom Funk. The States Attorney for Wicomico County agreed to a plea on Aug. 10, 2012 to which Braboy pled guilty to possession of drugs other than marijuana and was given a one year and two month sentence. Braboy was given credit for 50 days he had already served waiting for trial.

One of the several attorneys representing Braboy in this case was Eric P. Berman of Baltimore who advertises on his website and has won a certain amount of notoriety for his sexual references in his advertising.  It remains to be seen if Berman is able to become the attorney for Braboy once more and have this attempted murder case result in a “happy ending”.

Itamar I. Ezaoui, an attorney who apparently is not running out of vowels in his name, also filed as an attorney for Braboy on this case. Not too much is known about his legal abilities but his request on his wedding registry at Amazon for a picnic basket has gone unfulfilled. According to his Google profile, Ezaoui is employed by the Public Defender’s office in Salisbury, which is supported fully by the taxpayers.

A third lawyer who was filed on court records as representing Braboy in this case was Rene Tywang.

“There is no substitute for experience when dealing with the criminal justice system. Criminal Defense Lawyer Rene Tywang has handled hundreds of cases in seven counties in Maryland, everything from DUI and Disorderly Conduct to Robbery and Murder.  Even if you think you know how you want to handle your case, there are many ways an experienced attorney can ensure the most favorable outcome for you” – is the assertion from the website of Towson lawyer Rene Tywang.

Should the victim die, Braboy is going to need a good lawyer to explore the mistakes which may have been made by police and prosecutors in order ‘get him off’.

The reader and citizen of Maryland should understand that the laws of Maryland are created by the Maryland General Assembly, which is populated to a large degree by very liberal attorneys. Once the laws are made, they are ruled on by liberal judges appointed by liberal Governors. Thus, Maryland has Alice in Wonderland Courts and the day after Braboy pleaded guilty to the above charge his attorney filed to reopen the case and modify the watered down sentence – which really means that plea agreements can be winnowed down even more for the admitted criminal, leaving society at large at the mercy of the White Rabbit.

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