Dover Police Beat: Cops Investigate Third Armed Robbery in Four Days – robber with knife stopped and shopped at Stop & Shop

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Dover Police Beat

DOVER, DEL. — The Dover Police Department is investigating the third robbery of a convenience store in the last week after the Stop-N-Shop at 780 Walker Road was robbed just after 7:00PM on Monday night.  The suspect entered the store with a white plastic bag covering his face and brandished a knife to the clerk, demanding money.  The clerk complied and the suspect fled with an undisclosed amount of money.  During the exchange, the clerk came in contact with the suspects knife and received a small laceration to her hand.  The suspect is described as a tall and heavyset black male, wearing black shoes, blue jeans, black jacket, gray gloves, and a white plastic bag over his head.  This is the 3rd robbery of a convenience store in the last week.  The 1st incident took place on December 3rd at the Valero station at 530 North DuPont Highway and the second occurring on December 6th at the Stop-N-Shop at 1102 White Oak Road.

In response to the recent string of robberies, police are encouraging businesses to review the following safety tips to help reduce the chances of becoming a robbery victim:

Cash Control
Strong cash-handling policies along with good signage can greatly reduce rates of robbery. One study found that robbery rates drop by 80% when potential robbers know that there’s $50 or less in the cash register.

Silent Panic/Holdup Alarms and Surveillance Cameras
These types of alarms protect your employees in potentially violent robbery situations. They are not useful in preventing robberies but can help to reduce the impact of a robbery in process. Provide proper training on the usage of silent alarms so that employees know how to safely use them.  Ensure that alarms and surveillance cameras are in good working order.

Remove Signage From Windows
Visibility in and out of a convenience store plays an enormous role on the psychological comfort of the would-be robber. If robbers know they can be seen from the outside then the likelihood of a robbery falls. Keep your windows free and clear of any and all signage.

Have Two Employees on Duty During High-Risk Times
Having more than one employee on duty can reduce the risk of robbery during the most high-risk robbery times. It’s vital that both are well trained on violence reduction though, as sometimes two employees are more likely to fight back against robbers.

Provide Adequate Lighting
Adequate lighting is shown to reduce incidents of robbery. Be sure that faces in your parking lot are easily visible from the street. Further, be sure that you’re not creating a glare that could reduce visibility. Strong, white lighting outside of your convenience store can also make your customers feel safer.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the Dover Police Department at 302-736-7111 or call the Delaware Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 1-800-Tip-3333 or go online at

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