GOP Senate Candidate Steve Waugh busted for motor vehicle suspension; was driving his Cadillac

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Waugh with the possibly Illegal Cadillac
Waugh with the possibly Illegal Cadillac


LUSBY, MD. — Driving all over the region and campaigning has been heavy duty work for Republican Steve Waugh, waving signs at the crack of dawn, attending cocktail parties until late at night, all for the goal of winning the state senate seat currently held by Senator Roy Dyson (D. Calvert, St. Mary’s).

According to Maryland court records, Waugh has apparently been too busy tipping the cocktail glasses, shaking hands at front doors and greeting voters along the roads to bother to renew his registration for his Cadillac.

On July 14, 2014 at 12:16 am, on Rt. 2 at Kent Road, Calvert Deputy Sheriff J. Curtain ticketed Steve Waugh with a fine which will cost the candidate $150 while he drove a 2009 Cadillac.

Court records do not reflect that the fine has been paid yet and Waugh could choose to contest the ticket by appearing in District Court in Calvert County.

A check of driving records for other legislative candidates included Sen. Dyson, Waugh’s opponent in November, Del. John Bohanan (D. California), GOP House of Delegates candidate Deb Rey, GOP House of Delegates candidate Matt Morgan and Del. Anthony O’Donnell (R. Lusby).  None of them have any marks against their driver’s licenses.

In 1990, North Beach Mayor Mark Frazer was then running for the GOP nomination for Congress in an attempt to defeat Dyson when he was in his fifth term in Congress.  Frazer circulated a photo of himself with a bicycle to local media, stating that he was setting out to tour the Eastern Shore on a bicycle — in of itself, quite an unusual way to meet voters.

ST. MARY’S TODAY revealed in a news story, along with the photo of him with his bike, that Frazer had racked up two DWI arrests along with speeding tickets.

The news story noted that given his driving record, using a bicycle might be the only way he could tour the district. After extensive media coverage of his DWI record,  and in spite of spending more than $200,000, he came in far back in the field of thirteen candidates in the GOP primary.

The winner of that primary, Wayne Gilchrest, went on to defeat Congressman Dyson in the general election.  Gilchrest, a liberal Republican, held the seat in Congress which was reduced to the Eastern Shore and a part of Anne Arundel County until he was defeated in the GOP primary by current Congressman Andy Harris (R. 1st. District), now in his second term in Congress.

Frazer doesn’t appear to have any driving infractions on his record at this time.

Waugh appears to use his pickup truck for campaigning, except for that one night in July.

State Senators determine the laws for motor vehicles that the public must adhere to and also set the amount of fines for infractions.


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