Fire Challenge Adds New Victims: Parents need to ask themselves ‘how stupid is my kid?’

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TOWSON, MD.  (August 5, 2014) – According to the Maryland Fire Marshal potentially deadly activity has been causing several victims to receive serious burn injuries resulting from pouring a liquid accelerant on their body and setting themselves on fire.  The “Fire Challenge” is performed in front of a camera to be placed on social media sites for viewing and sharing with the world.

The seriousness of this stunt has rendered a call to parents and teenagers alike to discuss the potential effects of this activity.  Several emergency rooms across the country have reported receiving victims with significant burn injuries to their upper torso and extremities.  A 15 year-old male succumbed to his injuries in Buffalo, NY as a direct result of the activity.  Although no reports have been received by the Office of the State Fire Marshal at this point, we definitely want to get the word out to help prevent these occurrences in the State of Maryland.

Most news interviews concerning this activity reveal that young survivors did not give any thought of the potential for being severely injured or even killed because they did not understand the fire would become so intense.

“The potential of receiving permanent debilitating injuries or worse from this act should be shared with our youth to help prevent an emergency room visit,” stated State Fire Marshal Brian S. Geraci.  “Please take the time to discuss this issue with family and friends to avoid a potentially tragic situation”.

  1. FOX CT ‎- 10 hours ago
    The “fire challenge” involves teenagers pouring an ignitable liquid, often rubbing alcohol, on their bare skin and then lighting themselves on fire …



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