Anne Arundel Police Beat: Lamar Mills of Easton ends his life of crime when caught for bank robbery; tried to run down officers in stand-off


Bank Robber Lamar Hill rammed getaway car into cops

UPDATE: A caller identifying herself as Stephanie Shipley called and left a message stating that she objected to being identified as a “mouthpiece” for drug dealer LAMAR MILLS and that she desired to immediately discuss “what you are putting on the internet”.  A return call to Shipley at her law office in Easton has not yet been returned. A lawyer is correctly identified as a “mouthpiece” for a client, as the lawyer speaks for a client, both in court and outside of court.  The article also refers to her as being an expensive lawyer. As the term “expensive” implies quality, value and performance, most readers would agree the term is a compliment.

Bank Robber Lamar Mills Rammed Getaway Car into Officers;

Easy deal in Talbot County on drug dealing charge left him on the streets to rob and pillage – ditto for armed robbery conviction in Prince Georges County

News and Commentary by Ken Rossignol – THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY

GAMBRILLS, MD.  Why is an admitted drug dealer and armed robber allowed to run free in Maryland?  Ask the liberal judges and ineffective prosecutors of Maryland. There are plenty of these bozos to go around in Talbot, Prince Georges and Anne Arundel Counties connected with the case of Lamar Mills, of Easton, who now sits behind bars on bank robbery and assault charges.

Anne Arundel Police report that on Monday, December 22, 2014 at approximately 5:48 p.m., the Anne Arundel County Police responded to the Navy Federal Credit Union located in the 2200 block of Blue Water Boulevard, Odenton, Maryland for an armed bank robbery. The suspect displayed a handgun and threatened bank tellers before fleeing with an undetermined amount of cash.

Responding units saturated the area and located the suspect operating a vehicle on Route 32 near Burns Crossing Road, Gambrills, Maryland. Officers exited their patrol vehicles and began giving verbal commands to the suspect who was stopped. The suspect initially complied with officers but then accelerated forward in the direction of several officers. At that point officers were in fear of their lives and shot at the suspect. The suspect continued and struck a police vehicle which in turn caused a police sergeant to be struck by a vehicle.

The suspect’s vehicle came to a rest at which time he was taken into custody. Evidence linking the suspect to the bank robbery was located within the passenger compartment of the vehicle. The suspect was not struck by gunfire but was transported to Baltimore Washington Medical Center for treatment of minor scrapes. The police sergeant was transported to a local hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. Two other officers suffered minor injuries related to this incident and they were treated and released at a local hospital.

Route 32 eastbound was closed for several hours while detectives processed the crime scene. Once officers observed the inside of the suspect vehicle they saw money and also a handgun. That handgun was determined to be a realistic looking BB gun.

The suspect was identified as Lamar Dontreze Mills, 28, of 312 Goldsborough Street, Apt. 1, Easton, Maryland. He has been charged with multiple counts of Attempted First and Second Degree Murder, Armed Robbery, and several related charges.

The life of crime chosen by this hellion got a big boost when he ran into the silly Judge and prosecutors of Talbot County Maryland. Earlier easy deals in Anne Arundel County with lenient judges also expanded his criminal opportunities.

With the expensive criminal defense attorney Stephanie A. Shipley, of Easton, as his mouthpiece, drug dealer Mills struck a plea deal with Talbot County States Attorney Scott Patterson for a sweet deal. In Talbot Circuit Court on March 1, 2013, Mills admitted he was a drug dealer by pleading guilty to possession with the intent to engage in drug distribution.

THE DEAL: he was sentenced to one year and five months in prison. One year, four months and 20 days were suspended. The resulting time in jail was a mere 10 days. He was allowed to serve the ten days on five consecutive weekends so as not to inconvenience him from being able to pursue his occupation of dealing drugs or robbing banks.

This incredible deal for drug dealer Lamar Mills also failed to have any fine attached. All other charges were dropped. He was put on probation for three years.

By Oct. 17, 2014 Mills had violated the terms of his probation and was set for a hearing on Dec. 12, 2014 to consider throwing him behind bars. That hearing was postponed and reset for March 13, 2014.  Unless some liberal idiot Judge in Maryland lets him out of jail, it’s a safe bet that the authorities will be able to find him for the next hearing.

It could be that Mills was out robbing banks in order to be able to shell out the money for his private attorney to represent him so he wouldn’t have to use a public defender.

Since the States Attorney in Prince Georges County, Angela Alsobrooks, is very skilled at using a computer, as evidenced by her very coherent newsletters to the media bragging about her victories in court, she should have used the state computer to check on the dirtbag drug dealer Lamar Mills when he came into District Court in PG County on a theft charge on Sept. 2, 2014. Mills’ theft charge was put on the Stet Docket even though he was already on probation and therefore should have immediately gone to jail for a hearing for violation of his probation. On Dec. 12, 2014, his charge was put on Stet with no fine and no time.

On Nov. 17, 2008, Mills pled guilty to reckless endangerment in Talbot County District Court.  In a plea deal with the Talbot County States Attorney he was sentenced to one year in jail. Court records show that he was released from jail after serving but three days. He was fined $392.50 but Maryland allows criminals to have their fines on credit and if they don’t pay, the fine is sent to a collection agency to attempt to wring it out of them.

In addition to being an admitted drug dealer, Mills also pleaded guilty to armed robbery on Aug. 11, 2008 in Anne Arundel County Circuit Court. His plea deal with the States Attorney of Anne Arundel County called for ten years in prison and a slew of other charges to be dropped. His prison term was suspended to but one year to serve in the local jail instead of the state prison. The plea deal also called for work release, which meant that he could be out of jail during the day to sell drugs and commit more robberies. On Jan. 17, 2012 Judge Hackner allowed for his probation to be ended.

By not counting the pot possession charges Mills picked up in Anne Arundel and Baltimore counties during 2014 or the charge of operating an unregistered motor vehicle in Talbot County on Aug. 24, 2014, the complete and utter failure of court officials to keep track of this drug dealer and throw him behind bars, left him available to rob the bank on Dec. 22nd and ram the police cars, injuring three officers.

Someone needs to tell the bozo prosecutors, politicians and liberal judges of Maryland that blue lives matter.


  • Anne Arundel Police Beat: Lamar Mills of Easton ends his life of crime when caught for bank robbery; tried to run down officers in stand-off
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