Timm Jasper now Rockin’ with the angels and fixing computers for St. Peter

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Timm Jasper, long-time owner of Total Quality Computers and Ameritel Internet Services, served in United States Navy passed away today, Oct. 5, 2013. This note was penned by his wife Rose, and posted on his Facebook page:
Today at 5:08 am, Timm passed away at the VA Medical Center in Washington DC. His passing was quiet and peaceful, and he was surrounded by love and music from the movie Dune (his favorite). I am grateful to the many doctors and nurses who took care of him during his stay. The VA Hospital treated him with much kindness and dignity.

Our family is very thankful to his bone marrow donor whose generous spirit allowed him another year of life.

I just wanted to share a couple of my favorite pictures of him for all of you to remember him by…Rose — with Rockin Jasper Schoff.

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