Lucky crash landing leaves three still alive

BOWIE, Md. (WJLA) — A small plane crashed near Route 50 and Church Road in Bowie at approximately 3:45 p.m. on Monday, injuring three people and snarling traffic for hours. Carderal Jones held his breath as the now mangled Mooney single-engine plane swept across the top of a truck and took a nose-dive into the emergency shoulder. “Right over my head,” Jones said. “Policeman told me if I had been in an 18 wheeler, it would have took this right off.” But it was the cries from the plane’s front passenger seat that sent him racing into the wreckage. “She was just screaming, screaming, screaming,” he describes. “We couldn’t pull her out because we didn’t know what happened to her.” The pilot was badly injured, while in the backseat, another man was so shocked that he kept repeating: “I think both of my knees are busted open…I think both of my knees are broken.” The three were trapped inside the aircraft until crews later cut away the top of the plane in order to free them.
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