Hunting Near Halloween in Southern Maryland Can Get Kind of Spooky

I can remember trekking down my old hunting trail at 3 AM on a moonless night with my flashlight off so that I did not spook the deer. 
As I neared the steel gate on the old fire road, I was startled from something screeching at me off to my right.  It sounded like it was coming from a nearby tree off the trail.
It may have been an Eastern Screech Owl that was yelling at me, but when you are alone in the pitch dark woods, your imagination can play tricks on you.  Well I stood still for a couple of minutes so to figure out what in the darkness was screeching at me, but I heard no movement or any more screeching.  I continued down the old fire road with no more encounters.
To this day, I still don’t know what that was screeching at me in the early morning, and makes for a good story.  Hunting in Southern Maryland can be pretty spooky considering our past history like the War of 1812 that occurred near here with the British attacking us, pirates attacking the early settlers at Point Patience  on the Patuxent River, and the Point Lookout Civil War prison where so many Confederate soldiers died.
With so much conflict going on around here, there is bound to be something out there not at rest.
Oh, did I mention that there is Hunting (no early season) at Point Lookout State Park.  Sign in is required or call for more information 301-872-5688.  Now you can hunt there if you don’t mind the ghosts. 
We all have had the problem of setting up our stand only to have other uninvited folks wondering through the woods spooking your game.
Now you may have an uninvited ghost spooking the game and yourself.
I have been to Point Lookout for the yearly ghost walk held near Halloween and talked to folks who claim to have seen the ghost orbs of light wondering down a long abandoned trail, with some taking the shape of a person.  Now if you can see the spooks, so can the game making hunting kind of difficult.
Now if the ghosts don’t get you, Bigfoot might pay you a visit too.  Oh, I forgot to mention that Maryland is rated 5th on the number of sightings of Bigfoot, with the last reported in 2008.  So far there have been 26 sightings in Maryland, with most of them occurring in Anne Arundel County.  Saint Mary’s county seems to be lucky so far with no reported sightings of this critter, for now.

Maryland hunters have had encounters with Bigfoot and not always pleasant.  A bow hunter reported in 2005 that while Fall hunting deer in the swamp bottoms of West River in Churchton, Maryland (about 40 miles north from Saint Mary’s) that he heard some jibberish hollering coming from behind his deer blind about 100 yards away.
He said he then smelled the beast and it was like damp musty road kill with a touch of dirty diapers.  This sounds like the sulpher smell many report when encountering this critter.
This hunter quickly left his deer blind with his arrow still ready to shoot, only to have this critter follow him all the way to his car.  The hunter estimated the Bigfoot got to within 25 yards of him, and still managed to keep hidden in the thick brush.
Whether you are dealing with Ghosts or this Bigfoot fellow, it can really hamper your hunt.  Get that deer, don’t get Spooked and be safe.

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