Cross-Bow Season is Here,…Are You Ready?

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Given this is the first time Cross-Bow will be allowed during the regular Bow season, it should be a phenomenal season, and I am already hearing from other hunters that the deer population is pretty high this year. 
So how do you best prepare for the season?  We all have stories of the “One” that got away, and all too often you will be presented that one shot and never get another chance.  Deer are like people and have habits.  Like what trail they travel in the morning/evening; from what area do they enter into a field; what is the escape route used when they get spooked?

So with all that said, how does one find the time to do properly prepare for the hunting season?  Proper preseason scouting of your hunting area is a necessity to understand the game activity.  With taking time for your family and having a day time job, how can one put in the time needed scout for a successful hunt? 

 I know, for I am dealing with this each day.  My 5 year old son wants much attention from me, and he deserves it, but how do you properly manage it so you can do a reasonable preparation for this year of hunting. 

 We are all too well aware, the more time you put into your hunting preparation, the better chance of scoring your deer.  Now with my recent run for County Commissioner in Saint Mary’s, that has just added another level that is taking a lot of my time.

So I decided to see if technology could help me out of my time management problem.  I just bought a Trail Cam from Primos so that I could at least monitor my hunting area and maybe get a feel for the deer activity.  The unit I got is a Truth Cam46 from Primos.  I have tested it in my back yard at various ranges and light conditions.  It’s night time infrared capability is impressive.  It has a max 8 Gig SD Card that should do the job for lots of picture and movie storage. 

 Another feature I like is that when it is taking a picture, it is really quiet, and will not spook the game.  I have read many reviews on other trail cams and this camera noise was a concern to many hunters. 

Now when it is in infrared mode and is lighting up the darkness, I can see the Red LED’s turning on.  Now if I were tracking humans, that would be a problem for they would see it, but since deer do not see the color Red, this will work fine.  Pictures and videos are time stamped (Date, Time) along with current temperature.  This information will greatly allow you pin down the best time/location to get your deer.

The unit runs for about $150, and is worth it.  I have seen cheaper units at $60, but capability was limited.  I have also seen more expensive units costing $500. 

Mostly the more expensive units have the capability of you being able to view the taken pictures/movies in the unit.  The unit I got just tells you how many pictures/movies taken, but given there are many other electronic devices that can view the SD card, I am all right with that.  For example, my GPS Garmin I have in my car can read the SD memory card and display my pictures.  Many Cell phones also have the same capability.  Now maybe for Christmas I would like Santa to get me a higher dollar Trail Cam so I view my taken pictures with the unit itself.  Hint, to my Santa wife.

Now as soon as my new bolts (Arrows used for Cross-Bows) are done, I will need to verify the accuracy at various ranges according to the calibrated scope range. 

 I did notice my laser range finder battery indicator is showing it getting low in power, so it would be wise to get a new battery so it does not go kaput in the worst moment of a hunt.

Now all I need to do is put the trail cam in my hunting area and see what game is there.  It is a good idea to also lay out some deer scent and point your trail cam to that area.

Dates to hunt are: Sep 15 – Oct 20; Oct 25 – Nov 26; Dec 13 – Dec 17; Jan 3 – Jan 6; Jan 10- Jan 31

Get ready, have fun, and be safe.

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