Before Talking Sex to a Gobbler, it is a Good Idea to do Some Pre-Scouting

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 By Rich Johnson
It is always a good idea to do some Pre-Scouting on whatever Game you plan to hunt, and Spring Gobbler is no different. I did such scouting with my young son last Sunday, and even if you do not see anything, it is a good Father and Son (or Daughter) outing in the woods.
My son will be 5 in June, and like any young boy, he was drawn to every puddle on the trail. It was a good thing I got him some waterproof hunting boots so he did not get water logged. We did some Hen calls asking for a date but did not hear any interested Gobblers.
I suspect it was too early in the season, for the previous night temperatures were still on the chilly side. You see, warmer Springtime temperatures are the norm to get these birds in the Romantic Mood. The trek in the woods was not a total loss for I did see some Turkey droppings which showed their presence. We did jump a deer while we scouted which is good for the youth to see such wildlife.
Now the other good thing with Pre-Scouting is that it checks out your Hunting equipment. You will be surprised how things get after the last time you hunted. My hunting binoculars had a loose strap screw that holds the strap to the binoculars. It is better now that you find that, then your first hunting day.

My Turkey call also had some dry rotted rubber bands that help to hold the call cover on for consistent call control.

Though rubber band replacement is an easy fix, better get this done now then rummaging through your house in the early hours of a hunt and having your wife wonder why you are making so much noise. Remember, women like their sleep, and when Mom is not happy, everyone will suffer. If that was not enough, I could not find my chalk which is used on the call for proper call pitch. Trust me; Pre-Scouting helps out in more ways than you might think.

The other thing Pre-Scouting is good for is determining how the bugs are or will be when you are hunting. Being early, you may not see many bugs, but you can predict. In particular, if there is a lot of standing water, you had better prepare for mosquitoes.

Also to notice is how the tick population is doing. I cannot over preach this “Lyme Disease” is not good and you need to take precautions.

When I took my young son in the woods, I tucked his pants in his boots, and his long sleeve shirt in his pants.

I then sprayed bug spray all over him. Whatever you use, make sure it has Deet in it for this seems to keep them off.

During our trek in the woods, I would monitor our legs to determine if the ticks were starting to climb our legs. In past treks in the woods, I showed my son how ticks climb up on tall grass and wait for an animal to pass by to catch a ride.

He remembered this on this last trek in the woods which is a good thing for he is becoming a woodsman. This early pre-scout, I did not see many ticks, but did get one on me. It is always a good idea to take off your shirt and pants (where appropriate) so you can look for the ticks on your clothing.

Better nab these critters now, then having them pounce on you later. I highly recommend getting, if you don’t have one yet, a bug net for your head. I have a camouflage hat that has the bug net on the rim and is concealed.

So if I get bugs annoying me, I can pull the bug net down so I can concentrate on Spring Gobbler hunting, vice swatting bugs and letting Mr. Tom know where I am.

Being comfortable during hunting is very important no matter what Game you are after. If the bugs are annoying you, this will make for a miserable hunt and also diminish your chances of getting a Gobbler for your swatting will give you position away.

So do some pre-scouting for your Spring Gobbler season with your Son or Daughter. It will help you bond with your child, plus teach them valuable woodsman skills. Of course your equipment will be verified ready for the hunt and how bad the bugs will be. Good Luck in you Spring Gobbler hunt.



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