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Manslaughter charges possible for work zone killer; motorist plowed into two Worcester road workers

STOCKTON, MD. — A motorist who was in too big of a hurry took a chance at driving around a road crew in Worcester County on Feb. 22, 2016, and when faced with an oncoming vehicle, instead of hitting the brakes, diverted into a work zone and plowed into two workmen, killing one, and seriously injuring another.

Joyride into Tree Kills One, Sends 5 to Trauma Unit; four of the six occupants have DUI records in Maryland

MOUNT AIRY, MD. — Four men who were in a pickup truck that left the roadway Friday night in Howard County and overturned after striking a tree have been convicted of DUI in Maryland, including one who was killed in the crash.

The survivors include one of whom has two prior DUI convictions and may have been the driver, are now in a trauma unit.

Howard County police report that they are investigating the single-vehicle collision that occurred on Shaffersville Road in Mount Airy on Dec. 12, 2014 just before midnight.