Anthony Akrah Morris worked hard robbing 7-Elevens and McDonalds; boosted three in just two hours in robbery marathon to raise money…for him!

Robbed More Than a Dozen Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, and Restaurants in Five Months, Including Three 7-Elevens in Just Two Hours

GREENBELT, MD—U.S. District Judge Paul W. Grimm sentenced Anthony Akrah Morris, age 25, of Burtonsville, Maryland, on Jan. 12, 2015 to 505 months in prison followed by five years of supervised release for conspiring to commit robbery, two counts of robbery and two counts of brandishing a firearm during a robbery. Judge Grimm also ordered Morris to pay restitution of $3,375.

Feds paid over $2 million to Prince Georges con-man before he was caught

The conspirators typically operated under a particular business name for six to 12 months until the business was either disqualified from the FedBid marketplace or burdened with lawsuits or liens. The conspirators then continued the scheme under a newly-registered business name. The conspirators initially used their true names and addresses to register their businesses, but later attempted to conceal their true identities by using aliases.

From December 2007 to March 2013, Johnson and co-conspirator Larayne Whitehead received at least 144 bank deposits from governmental agencies totaling approximately $2,321,058.95 of which $426,376.99 was reasonably foreseeable to Johnson. The scheme involved between 10 and 50 business victims.

Larayne Whitehead, age 35, also of Clinton, Maryland, previously pleaded guilty to her participation in the conspiracy and has agreed to forfeit $2,393,579 and a car. Whitehead is scheduled to be sentenced on August 18, 2014.