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Upper Marlboro CPA Pleads Guilty in Local Corruption Scheme; Fraud Targeted up to $2.5 Million in Contracts for Minority Firms

In 2010, Grillo agreed that his company would serve as the MBE for Company 1 on the Hampshire Green contract. In 2011, although Grillo’s company had not performed any work on the contract, Grillo caused his company to submit an invoice to WSSC for 28% of the Hampshire Green contract, or $57,504.88, to conceal the fact that Company 1 had not met its contractual obligation to subcontract 28% to an MBE. Again, to make it appear that Grillo’s company had performed the work, Company 1 issued a check for $57,504.88 to Grillo’s company, and a short time later, Grillo’s company issued a check back to Company 1 for $58,291.81.