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Thanks to PG States Attorney Angela Alsobrooks, another gun-toting killer was walking the streets instead of being incarcerated for a prior drug crime. Then he committed a crime of murder, one that Alsobrooks says is illegal in PG County, which ought to be a real shocker to the public as murders soar in THUGVILLE.

Upper Marlboro: trials panned by prosecutor – D. C. Police Officer Samson Lawrence faces Gods of Guilt for lamp post murder of his wife

The trial of Metropolitan Police Department Officer, Samson Lawrence, is scheduled to get underway July 22, 2014. He was indicted for attempted first and second degree murder and related charges after allegedly attacking his wife with a metal lamp post in November 2013.

Mr. Lawrence was attempting to hang a projection TV in his house when he allegedly became angry with his wife because she did not know where the screws to hang the projector were. Mr. Lawrence then allegedly grabbed a can of Lysol and began spraying it his wife’s face every time she said something, and when his wife refused to make him something to eat, he allegedly began pushing her.

She attempted to call 911, but Mr. Lawrence allegedly grabbed the phone from her and would not let her make the call. She then tried to leave the house, but he followed her and allegedly pushed her to the floor in their living room, picked up a metal light post and began to hit her in the head while she lay on the floor.