Recreational Angler Busted with 32 Undersized Rockfish; Chinese Market busted with live eels; Kill your Snakehead fish and platter it!

KENT NARROWS, MD. — Hola, Hombre! One man was taking a siesta while another was hard at work snatching up every fish that swam near him, say police.

A Bladensburg man was charged Saturday with catching and keeping 32 undersized striped bass by the Maryland Natural Resources Police.

Summer on the Chesapeake Bay: Bow-fishing on the Potomac and Patuxent Rivers

Bow-fishing on the Potomac, So, I cast the baited but non-weighted rig behind the boat, flipped out a lot of slack line, and put the rod in the stern rod holder with an open bail while I baited up a bottom rig on another rod. By the time I got that rig to the bottom, the drift rig rod was jumping. I pulled in two big croakers on that rig and proceeded to catch my limit of croaker on the drift rig. I think the wire spreader has enough weight to drift to the bottom and move across with the current. Regardless of why it works, this is a good trick that you are welcome to forget but a smart fisherman won’t.

Regardless of whether you are catching one or two fish at a time, June is the time to catch a nice mess of fish with minimum effort. If you can’t catch them now, you might as well take up playing golf.