Murder USA: one died from lead poisoning, two car-loads of dopes caught red-handed with heroin, say cops

The complainant provided a description of three subjects and their vehicle. The vehicle, a Mercury Grand Marquis, was observed pulling into the Shell Gas Station in the 2500 block of Riva Road. Officers made contact with the occupants, at which time they observed individually packaged baggies of heroin on the front passenger floor board. A total of 38 baggies containing 30.6 grams of heroin valued at $3,674 along with $2,987 in U.S. currency. All three occupants were taken into custody and charged with Possession of CDS and Possession with Intent to Distribute. Carroll and Cornish were also served with open warrants

Fairfax Police Beat: spotlighting of police helicopter incident will result in beamer being jailed, say cops

FAIRFAX, VA., Fairfax County Police report that they are investigating an incident involving spotlighting the agency’s helicopter, creating dangerous visibility issues for the pilot and crew.

While returning to the helicopter base on Tuesday, February 24 around 8 p.m., the pilot observed a bright light illuminating Fairfax One.

Murder USA: Brian Antonio Hernandez sliced and diced his stepdad, say cops

Murder USA: Brian Antonio Hernandez sliced and diced his stepdad, say cops – WOODBRIDGE, VA. – In spite of the best efforts of his uncle and mother, a Woodbridge man got rid of his stepfather once and for all. He murdered the man, say police, while his mother and the victim’s brother fought to prevent him from pursuing the grisly attack.