PLEA DEALS: Raquan Zimmerman Given Sweet Plea Deals by States Attorney Angela Alsobrooks

Being out of jail on bond, quite an incredible act for someone charged with serious violent crimes, but, heck, this is the policy of the neo-liberals running the Alice in Wonderland Maryland Judiciary – left Zimmerman available to allegedly commit another armed robbery on Jan. 22, 2017. On Jan. 23, 2017, Zimmerman was charged with eight new counts of armed robbery, use of a gun in a violent crime, theft, and assault.

Murder USA: Tyrone Taylor and James Baskins charged with murder of Larry Ellis Jr.

Ellis might still be alive had Maryland’s court system installed him in prison for the rest of his life where he belonged, but his murder might have been a blessing for the taxpayers. On Feb. 20, 2008, Ellis entered a guilty plea to accessory after the fact – murder in the first degree.

Murder USA: Keyshaun Mason stabbed to death by his mom’s boyfriend – Sean Crawford

Court records alleged that Crawford armed himself with a kitchen knife and barricaded himself and Jenkins in a bedroom after several hours of fighting. Jenkin’s two sons then stormed the door to the bedroom when Crawford then attacked them both with the kitchen knife, much like a scene out of a horror movie.

Montgomery Police Beat: cops snare alleged hoods from Waldorf, PG and DC in Shady Grove Metro armed robbery

Dawkins was charged by Prince George’s County Officer Johnson on attempted first degree murder charges in Prince George’s County on July 8, 2015 and the charges were dropped by Prince George’s States Attorney Angela Alsobrooks on July 31, 2015, which may mean that an indictment is working its way thorough the Grand Jury process or perhaps that Dawkins rolled over on one of his alleged criminal buddies. Another Public Defender, paid for by taxpayers, worked out this cozy plea deal for these charges which included having a handgun and the use of a gun in a violent crime.

Southern Md. Police Beat: career criminals caught robbing Walmart get a little help from pliable prosecutors

ST. LEONARD, MD. After a long day of Christmas shoplifting in Prince Frederick, the weary but determined members of Maryland’s criminal class continued on their merry way to spread joy to their loved ones with stolen gifts, when what to their wondering eyes should appear but a Maryland State Trooper with a Cruiser-Sleigh powered by 350 Deer-power! He whipped out his cuffs and went straight to his work and then he cast off his hat and turned to the jerks: “You are off to the slammer where you’ll be given a cot and on top of that, you’ll get three hots!”