Clements, Md.: Drowsy driver Jeremy Ryan Hunley causes crash – sent Tiffany Danielle Henderson, passenger of other vehicle, to her death, say police

The operator of the Chrysler attempted to take evasive maneuvers and entered the eastbound lane of MD Rt. 234 in an attempt to avoid the Chevrolet truck. The operator of the Chevrolet truck woke up and swerved back into the eastbound lane. The Chevrolet truck collided into the passenger side of the Chrysler. After the collision, the Chevrolet truck entered a ditch/culvert and overturned. The Chrysler also left the roadway and came to rest in a ditch on the eastbound side of MD Rt. 234.

The front passenger of the Chrysler was ejected from the vehicle and succumbed to her injuries on the scene.