MURDER USA Maryland MS 13 Member Raul Landaverde-Giron Convicted in Federal Racketeering Conspiracy Including Murder; Faces Life in Slammer

MS-13 members are required to commit acts of violence to maintain membership and discipline within the gang.  One of the principal rules of MS-13 is that its members must attack and kill rivals, known as “chavalas,” whenever possible. 

Murder USA: Ambulance jacked by Sebastian Isaksen after EMS crew stopped to help him; ensuing demo derby wrecked 11 vehicles and killed one person

Prince Georges EMS spokesman Mark Brady reports that an ambulance crew was assaulted, their unit stolen and minutes later involved in a multi-vehicle crash involving a fatality. At about 5:30 pm, Sunday, December 14, Ambulance 811B was returning to their station after completing a patient transport.

As they were travelling southbound on the Capitol Beltway (Route 495) they witnessed a passenger car leave the roadway near the interchange of I-95. The ambulance pulled to the shoulder with the crew of two firefighter/EMT’s exiting to check on the welfare of the occupant.

A series of events occurred quickly with both crew-members being assaulted by the driver of the very car they stopped to help. The suspect proceeded to drive away in their ambulance. The volunteer firefighter/EMTs were visibly shaken but not injured