MURDER USA Davonta Braxton Guilty in Murder of Edmond St. Clair at UMES; Plea Deal Only Netted 8 Years in Prison

St. Clair reportedly told his brother and Hardy to chill out in the car while he alighted from the Honda in which they were traveling to reason with the road blockers. St. Clair’s effort at negotiation resulted in being stabbed through the heart.

Maryland State Police Beat / Burglar rousted from rummaging through vehicle attacked victim with hammer

Passwaters, of 33741 Flood Street, Frankford, Del., is currently wanted for several outstanding warrants for burglary in Worcester County, in addition to the charges arising from this incident which includes robbery, Assault 1st/2nd degree, Reckless Endangerment, theft, MDOP, Rogue/ Vagabond.