Facing financial meltdown, with electricity turned off by power company, Christine Lucas’ plan to die by police gunfire worked

(RISING SUN, MD) – A woman facing foreclosure on her home, and who had been living without electricity for several months, and who police say left a suicide note, and provided the note and documents to her son was shot dead by Maryland State Troopers as she aimed a gun at the officers.

Murder USA: Body found in woods identified as missing drug dealer Thomas Pope of Middle River

Pope was indicted on Oct. 16, 2015 for possession with the intent to distribute a large amount of drugs by the Grand Jury in Baltimore County, Md. He was to appear in court on Nov. 16, 2015. A perfect motive for murder would be those associated with him in drug trafficking or whomever he bought drugs from for distribution.

Dirtbag Dispatched: Fugitive decided to fight to the death with cop instead of being arrested; the cop won

NORTH EAST, MD – Another case of a wanted convicted criminal, perhaps emboldened by the incompetent liberal yahoos running Baltimore City and leading the rebellion of the criminal class, decided to fight a cop instead of being arrested. In the process, the wanted man got the end of the gun he didn’t bargain for and as a result is dead.

Murder USA: Medical examiner says death of Mary Bonniwell is homicide; cops say caregiver Becky Long responsible for injuries

A caregiver has been charged with murder following the autopsy of the woman for whom she was caring for and living with in a home located at 202 Morris Street in Fruitland, Md. The results of the autopsy was that the death was a homicide due to injuries. Ironically, the woman charged with the murder attempted to charge the woman’s son with harassment and being a peeping tom. Those charges were dropped.