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MURDER USA: Travis Lee Wallace wondered who was tapping at his chamber door; not the Raven, nevermore

which will likely result in some lame-brain Baltimore City District Court Judge allowing him to be put back out into the community where he will fit right in with thieves, killers and rapists so he can continue to prey on the innocent citizens of Baltimore.

Arson Beat: Bad to the bone at eleven years old

CECIL COUNTY, MD (October 15, 2014) – This kid won’t be scarred for life unless his parents wear out his backside with a switch as his name is not released to the public. Whether he will be torturing animals or tying up his friends to cut them remains to be seen in the future. For now, he is simply a pyromaniac with a future potential of either being a star magician in Las Vegas or having a career in politics.

Deputy State Fire Marshals charged a local North East juvenile with intentionally igniting paper products inside a bathroom of Bayview Elementary School located at 910 North East Road in North East. The incident originally occurred on Monday,