DOVER POLICE BEAT / Fireflies fly better with Ecstasy at Firefly Music Festival;  Meth, LSD, Cocaine, and Shrooms; Purveyor of 31 Flavors of Dooming Drugs Jordann Reeser Nabbed

While officers conducted a search of Reeser’s belongings, he attempted to flee on foot while handcuffed.  Reeser was apprehended quickly, but a brief struggle led to a minor injury to a Dover police officer (lacerations to upper extremities).

Prince William County Police Beat: Cops a real pain to over one hundred druggies in Manassas

Operation “Growing Pains” officially began in February of this year and focused more on the younger demographic abusing drugs in our community rather than specific drugs. Through the course of the operation undercover detectives conducted dealings involving cocaine, LSD, psilocybin, pharmaceutical pills, marijuana and concentrated marijuana “wax”. As a result, detectives obtained warrants for 26 individuals, 19 of which are now in custody. In addition to the arrests, detectives also executed search warrants at 4 different target locations.