MURDER USA road rage leads to homicide charge against Darwin Martinez Torres in beating death of Nabra Hassanen

Fairfax Police went further to explain the murder case: “This is a complex criminal investigation and we always strive to only release factual information. We know there was a lot of misinformation circulating, but we ask for your patience as we work diligently to share the facts rather than speculation.

Who is the Pumpkin Bandit at WashingtonFirst Bank in Cedar Lake Plaza and why does the bank CEO Shaza Anderson have such lousy security cameras?

The CEO and President of WashingtonFirst Bank, Shaza Anderson, prominently displays her mugshot along with the complete Board of Directors, assuring their place in the consciousness of the community but fail to provide the same level of effort in protecting their employees and customers from bank robbers. But CEO Anderson did make sure a seasonal decoration was available – a pumpkin – on the counter. Too bad they didn’t hide a camera in the pumpkin.

Dirtbag Roundup: Loudoun Sheriff Seeks Public’s Help to Identify Larceny Suspect who Injured Two Deputies

Deputies confronted the man and attempted to stop him from fleeing the area. The suspect entered his vehicle, closed the driver’s side door on one deputy’s hand. A second deputy attempted to grab the suspect through his window. The suspect drove away, dragging the deputy for approximately 60 feet and striking a Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office patrol car.