Dirtbag Roundup: Credit Card Ring Boss Sentenced to Federal Prison

Baltimore, Maryland – The advent of a massive credit card fraud scheme based in Maryland began with a love affair, according to prosecutors. Instead of sending each other love notes, the pair gained access to an embossing machine and expressed their love for each other by creating counterfeit credit cards which they used to steal over $126,000.

Hooker Patrol: Cops pose as hookers to snag Johns in Howard County

In this operation, two men were arrested and charged with solicitation of prostitution, Francis Gilbert Gomes, 57, of Laurel, and Deangelo Deahmari Edwards, 21, of Waldorf. Investigators expect that future operations will result in many more arrests. “We’ve put you on notice,” said Chief Gardner. “If you visit Backpage.com to solicit sex in Howard County, you can also expect to visit our detention center.”